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Retail & Marketplace Distribution Services
in Russia, UAE,Vietnam and Malaysia
with RusGlobalExport

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Expand Your Reach:

Retail & Marketplace Distribution

with RusGlobalExport

Entering new markets is only half the battle. To truly thrive, you need to reach the right audience. At RusGlobalExport (RGE), we unlock growth opportunities by bringing your products to the forefront of established retail chains and prominent online marketplaces across Russia, UAE, and Vietnam.

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Expand your customer base and skyrocket your sales with our comprehensive

retail and marketplace distribution solutions:

  • Channel Selection & Partnering: We meticulously analyze market trends and consumer behavior to identify the most suitable retail chains and online marketplaces for your products. We then leverage our strong industry relationships to secure distribution partnerships on your behalf.

  • Logistics & Warehousing Support: Navigating complex logistics across borders can be challenging. RGE streamlines the process by providing warehousing solutions and reliable logistics partners to ensure efficient product delivery to retailers and marketplaces.

  • Marketing & Promotional Strategies: We don't just get your products on shelves – we help them stand out. RGE can develop targeted marketing and promotional strategies tailored to each market, maximizing product visibility and driving sales.

  • Inventory Management & Reporting: Stay informed with our comprehensive inventory management and reporting systems. Gain real-time insights into product performance across different channels, allowing you to optimize your distribution strategy for maximum impact.


By partnering with RGE, you gain access to a proven distribution network and our team of experts who understand the nuances of each market. We'll handle the complexities of retail and marketplace distribution, allowing you to focus on scaling your business and reaching new customers.

Contact us today to discuss your distribution goals and unlock a world of sales potential!

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